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About White Spot Cleaning

Professional and reliable cleaning services in Sydney, Australia

White Spot Cleaning provides high quality services at a compatible price. For the past ten years, White Spot Cleaning professional cleaning team is working in Sydney’s cleaning industry and has built sounded reputation.
We are fully equipped with the tools, expertise and knowledge to manage even the nastiest of tasks in remarkable ways.
White Spot Cleaning, offers wide range of cleaning services; including Commercial and Industrial Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Strata Cleaning Services, Domestic Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Builders Cleaning, Strip and seal hard floor and Window Cleaning.
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Why Choose White Spot Cleaning?

All of our cleaners are fully trained and fully insured, giving you greater peace of mind having someone in your facility.
We build long term business relation with our clients.
We know the industry.
We always understand our client’s requirement.

Mission Statement

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As a well-established, Australian owned cleaning service provider, White Spot Cleaning is determined to provide the maximum benefit to its customers, employees and Australian public through three pillars of principles – Integrity,  Responsibility and Caring.

After years of efforts building up the reputation within the industry, we have realized there is a need for a more comprehensive and professional cleaning service for commercial sector and devoted ourselves functioning in a manner which will preserve the dignity and well-being of our clients.

We are more than just cleaning. We represent a close relationship and partnership with our stakeholders to create a win-win situation.

White Spot Cleaning is committed to providing the highest quality commercial cleaning service by creating superior service beyond the expectations of our clients as well as any visitors to their premises or facilities.


Our Vision

We are constantly working to establish and maintain our professional image through a series of continuous improvements and a solid relationship based on trust with our key stakeholders.

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Our Values

  • 1

    To act with honesty, openness, and keep our promises.

  • 2

    To act with integrity towards our clients, staff, community and environment with enthusiasm providing viable solutions.

  • 3

    To deliver a duty of care for our clients

Our Objectives

  • 1
    Reliability and Capability

    To demonstrate reliability and capability to become a strong and solid facility support service provider.

  • 2
    Superior Service

    To provide superior services to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • 3
    Customer Satisfaction

    To keep on track with customer satisfaction at any stage of service completed.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

White Spot Cleaning Pty Ltd is always Work Health and Safety Regulation(WHSR) management framework that aims at developing and fostering a team approach between White Spot Cleaning and Clients.

safe workplace

White Spot Cleaning ensure employees, contractors and visitors at sites are provided and maintained with a healthy and safe environment.

By establishing a clear management framework and ensuring requirements within such a framework are implemented White Spot Cleaning management can demonstrate conformance with current WHSR and work towards maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for employees, contractors, patients, clients and visitors.

White Spot  Cleaning Pty Ltd has established the following objectives and targets to support and maintain the effectiveness.



Employees are provided with regular and up-to-date information on WHSE for the duration of the contracted/agreed works.


Review the content of the WHSE Management Plan at maximum 3 month intervals (or more frequent as required) to maintain the currency of information provided to employees and others

WHSE Management Plan
risk management



Employees are familiar with hazards and risks associated with the contracted/agreed works that are assessed as a medium to high risk.


Safe Work Method Statement(s) or the equivalent list as a minimum those hazards and risks associated with the contracted/agreed works that are assessed as a medium to high risk.



Employees are regularly consulted on matters that affect WHSE.


Safe Work Method Statement(s) or the equivalent list as a minimum those hazards and risks associated with the contracted/agreed works that are assessed as a medium to high risk.




Employees are provided with training to enable work practices to be undertaken that are safe and minimise risk to the environment.


All employees involved with the contracted/agreed work have undertaken as a minimum the three levels of induction training, i.e. general industry (safety awareness) training, site specific training and work activity training as noted in the Safe Work Method Statement(s) specific to the contracted/agreed works.


White Spot  Cleaning Pty Ltd will comply with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011, relevant Codes of Practice management of risks and hazards in the workplace.

White Spot Cleaning Pty Ltd will identify and manage risks and hazards by;

identify hazards – find out what could cause harm

assess risks if necessary – understand the nature of the harm that could be caused bythe hazard, how serious the harm could be and the likelihood of it happening

control risks – implement the most effective control measure that is reasonably practicable in the circumstances, and

review control measures to ensure they are working as planned.

health and safety


White Spot Cleaning Pty Ltd will review and, as necessary revise control measures implemented under the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 and relevant Codes of Practice so as to maintain, so far as reasonably practicable, a work environment that is without risks to health and safety.

As part of the review process regular inspections will be conducted and recorded for reporting to all relevant persons

White Spot  Cleaning Pty Ltd will review and as necessary revise a control measure if; the control measure does not control the risk it was implemented to control so far as reasonably practicable when;

  • the results of monitoring indicate the measure does not control the risk
  • a notifiable incident occurs because of the risk
  • before a change at the workplace that is likely to give rise to a new or different
    risk to health and safety
  • a new relevant hazard is identified
  • through consultation that a review is necessary
  • the WHSR or workers requests a review
  • the work environment changes and the controls in place may no longer be applicable to the risk or hazard.


We care about sustainability

At White Spot Cleaning, implementing sustainability into the day-to-day operations of our company is important to us. We think about sustainability not only in regards to  environment, but in every aspect of  business – how we operate, how we think, and how we act.

White Spot Cleaning Pty Ltd is concerned sustainability on:

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Safety
  • Corporate Governance