Strata Cleaning


We are Strata Special company and member of Strata Community Australia (SCA).

If you’re involved in building management in Sydney and want a trustworthy cleaning service from a reputable company. We help you keep your strata property well-maintained and clean by offering you our strata cleaning services on daily, weekly, fortnightly, quarterly or on monthly basis. The strata cleaning services we offer are:

  • Mopping of hard surfaces
  • Mowing of lawns
  • Weeding of gardens
  • Picking up litter
  • Dusting of cloth lines
  • Vacuuming of stair wells and common areas
  • Pruning of bushes and trees
  • Cleaning of communal areas and car parking
  • Replacement of blown globes
  • Putting out dust bins
  • Cleaning of window sills and glass
  • Cleaning walkaways and foyer
  • Floor scrubbing/strip and seal
  • Blowing
  • Common lift areas
  • Fire stairs
  • Loading dock

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