Shopping Centre Cleaning Merrylands

White Spot Group offers shopping centre cleaning Merrylands and retail store cleaning Merrylands service. We offer different kind of services for shopping centres and retail store. We offer regular cleaning, one-off cleaning, daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning as per the requirement of our clients. We do according to the needs of customer. We have our own equipment for commercial cleaning. We are in the cleaning industry since long.

Shopping Centre cleaning Merrylands and Retail Store Cleaning Merrylands

We offer different services for shopping centre and retail store. We have a professional team member to handle your cleaning requirement. Our company provides excellent customer service to our customers.

  • We have trained and experienced staffs.
  • We use staff tracking system to track our staffs to ensure work is done.
  • All our staffs are honest and polite.
  • All our staffs are police checked.

We provide services like

  • Shopping Centre cleaning in Merrylands
  • Retail Store cleaning in Merrylands
  • Car dealership cleaning in Merrylands

We provide complete facility management services. We supply washroom supplies like soap, hand towels, toilet rolls. White Spot Group provides complete facility management service.

We clean any kind of business premises like manufacturing, warehouse, distribution centres, supermarkets, shopping centres and any kind of retail stores.

We provide excellent shopping centre cleaning in Merrylands.

  • We clean public centre cleaning merrylands
  • We do Strip and seal.
  • We do dusting.
  • We sanitise the surfaces.
  • We do window cleaning.
  • We clean carpet.
  • We do ventilation cleaning.
  • We empty bins.
  • We clean mouldings.
  • We clean lifts.
  • We mop the floor.
  • We clean reception lobby.
  • We clean escalator panels.
  • We empty ashtrays and tables.
  • We clean doors, light switches and more.

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